Handling capacity

NORD Conveyor 1000 – OTTO 1500

Robot compatibility: 
OTTO 1500

Nord Modules compatibility:
Spacer Kit

Dimensions (LWH):
1744.5 x 1204.5 x 165 mm | 68.68 x 47.42 x 6.5″

Max Handling capacity:
1650 kg | 3 637 lbs

200 mm/sec

Center distance between rollers:
95.8 mm | 3.77″

Transport area:
1623.7 x 1 138.5 mm | 63.92 x 44.82″

250 kg | 551 lbs


The NORD Conveyor enables the AMR to receive and deliver pallets – transporting them to e.g. production lines or packing stations, thereby enhancing internal logistics.

The NORD Conveyor’s integrated technology enables communication to external roller conveyors by wireless signals. An OTTO Standard Dock Target can be installed in front of an existing conveyor line allowing the Conveyor 1000 to successfully dock and receive or deliver a pallet.

This fully automated premium solution allows heavy payload transportation of up to 1650 kg to optimize logistics and production.

Your key benefits:
• Docking is available from both sides (run-through).
• High industrial quality.
• Safe heavy payload transportation.
• Transport of US-sized pallets.
• Loading side, automatic mechanical stop-solution.
• PLC controller and servo technology.
• Stack-light – information on operation-level.
• High level of feedback.
• Option: rubber coating of roller.

Robot Compatibility

OTTO 1500

OTTO 1500