The NORD Story

A brief introduction to the company

Our customized top modules turn autonomous mobile robots into working robots…

– robots that lift, lower, convey, pick up and deliver

Nord Modules are connecting mobile robots with factories.

We believe that our concept ‘One System Fits All‘ will bring significant change to your workplace.

We create high-quality solutions that optimize the utilization of space and modular flexibility for our customers.
Furthermore, our standard modules help reducing repetitive work and freeing employees for more value-adding tasks.

With our robust solutions we extend the functionality of mobile robots, taking automation to a higher level.
Also, all our applications are safe and ready to use and enhance heavy payload transportation between production lines and storage systems.

Team photo of Nord Modules

Who is Nord Modules?

Nord Modules develops module solutions in industrial and robust quality that extend the functionality of mobile robots, taking automation to a higher level.

Our main focus is to create applications that can reduce monotonous repetitive work and increase productivity.

At the same time, we innovate and deliver reliable robotic applications for load transfer that provide superior ROI through optimal speed, space, and flexibility.

We streamline automated work processes with standard modules for specialized productions – expanding the functionality of mobile robots with standardized modules securing effective automation in factories all over the world.

Our Location

At Nord Modules, we have unparalleled access to and expertise in industrial robotics. We are part of the Octagon Group, a collaborative space where exciting new industrial robotics companies in Odense, Denmark are housed and share resources to foster innovation and growth.

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Graphic Robotics Logo
About Graphic Robotics

Graphic Robotics specializes in developing and manufacturing robotic solutions for the graphics industry.

Their core skills are within handling, separation, and airing of paper in various formats and grammage.

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Smooth Robotics Logo
About Smooth Robotics

Experts in robotic welding, Smooth Robotics helps you deliver your best work by putting you in charge of the automated welding process. 

They developed software to make it as easy as possible for welders to use cobots for automated welding.

Located in Odense, Denmark, which is widely recognized as a global hub for industrial robotics and the home of MiR and Universal Robots, Nord Modules benefits from exclusive access to the extensive knowledge and talent pool of the “Odense Robotic Tech Cluster,” which comprises more than 100 robotic companies.

Meet the Leadership

Jonas Mikkelsen

Jonas Mikkelsen

Development Project Lead

Zaki Al-Asfoor

Zaki Al-Asfoor

Engineering Product Lead

Jacob Arnoldsen

Jacob Arnoldsen

Head of Software Development

Mayuran Ponnampalam

Mayuran Ponnampalam

Head of Sales