Nord Modules Take On North America: The Automate Show 2024

Here at Nord Modules, we’re gearing up for our debut at the prestigious Automate Show in Chicago. This is a monumental moment for us as it is our first time attending an event in North America after several years of having customers there. So, we asked Mayuran, our Head of Sales, to share what is the significance of this event and what potential it holds for Nord Modules’ future.

What is the Automate Show?

The Automate Show is the leading automation event in North America, gathering industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts under one roof to explore the latest advancements in automation technology.

What can atendees expect from the event?

Attendees can anticipate encountering a dynamic mix of visiting companies considering automation, those seeking to expand their automation efforts, and a high-energy audience ready to engage with all kinds of innovative solutions.

Is there a particular aspect of the event that the team is looking forward to?

This is actually our first time attending any trade show in North America! We have been selling our solutions to North American customers for a few years now, but this is the first time we will be showcasing them at an event here.

This show is the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our unique solutions and technological advancements to a diverse audience and, potentially, build long-term relationships.

What’s the most exciting is the opportunity to connect with a diverse audience of industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts. It’s not just about presenting our products – it’s about engaging with attendees, sharing our passion for automation, and sparking meaningful conversations about the future of the industry.

What role do you see the Automate Show playing in the future of Nord Modules?

This show is not only a perfect opportunity for us to present our products to the North American market, but also to gain first-hand insight to the market. By actively engaging with industry experts and attending informative sessions, we anticipate acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and pain points that potential customers are grappling with.

This deeper insight will enable us to fine-tune our solutions, identify areas of improvement, and develop tailored solutions that directly address the needs of our target audience. Automate, to put it dramatically, acts as a catalyst for innovation and adaptation, propelling Nord Modules toward the forefront of the automation industry.

Can you share any teasers about what attendees might expect to see and experience firsthand at Nord Modules’ booth?

Of course! We are bringing a diverse range of our products catering to various needs and applications. From modules designed for lighter loads that prioritize speed and efficiency, like our Quick Mover, to heavy-duty solutions, like our Lifts, that enhance workplace safety, visitors will have the opportunity to explore a diverse array of offerings tailored to their specific needs.

This event presents more than just a chance to showcase our cutting-edge solutions – it’s an opportunity to cultivate new partnerships and extend our reach into the North American market.

See you in Chicago from May 6th to May 9th at Booth 838!

Mayuran Ponnampalam

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