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OMRON LD60/90 product image

Max Speed

1.35 m/s


90 kg


500 mm x 699 mm x 383 mm

The OMRON LD-90 is a self-navigating Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) that can dynamically move materials in challenging environments that may include confined passageways as well as dynamic and peopled locations. With a maximum speed of 1.35 m/s and a payload capacity of 90 kg, the LD-90 is designed to meet the latest industry requirements.

It is easy to get up and running, requiring minimal programming and no construction. In addition, its software can integrate with other systems, making it easy to use and deploy.

The LD-90 is designed to interact with people, promoting a collaborative and safe working environment. Its safety lasers and sonar allow the robot to detect obstacles in its path and prevent collisions, ensuring safe operation. Additionally, it can optimize routing and adapt to changing conditions on the fly, making it an intelligent and reliable solution for your automated production needs.