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The OTTO 100

The OTTO 100 AMR

Max Speed

2.0 m/s

Run Time

6 hours


150 kg


740 mm x 550 mm x 308 mm

The OTTO 100 – an industrial-strength autonomous mobile robot that can safely move boxes, bins, carts and other lightweight payloads, boosting materials handling throughput in factories and warehouses. Built to perform in the world’s toughest manufacturing environments, the OTTO 100 has a rugged all-metal body construction, rocker-style suspension, and a best-in-class electric powertrain.

With its ability to quickly switch from transporting carts to moving racks, the OTTO 100 is versatile enough to handle a wide range of person-to-person workflows, from line-side delivery to work-in-progress transport. Designed for quick setup, it can start moving materials in a matter of minutes, seamlessly scaling to integrate with industrial workflows through flexible APIs, using the OTTO Fleet Manager.

Equipped with laser and 3D camera sensors, the OTTO 100 can operate autonomously even in the most dynamic manufacturing environments, while still being safe enough to work alongside people. With a maximum speed of 2 meters per second, a runtime of 6 hours, and a maximum payload of 150kg, the OTTO 100 is a reliable, high-performance AMR that can help businesses streamline their material handling processes, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs.

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