How SKF Transformed Their Operations with Nord Modules and MiR

In the heart of France, nestled within the industrial landscape, SKF stands out as the world’s largest bearing manufacturer. With 108 manufacturing units and a global workforce of 44,000 individuals, SKF is a powerhouse in the automotive sector, contributing significantly to the production and packaging processes that drive the industry forward. Through the implementation of our Pallet Mover 800 for Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) AMRs alongside the Dock Target solution, SKF has experienced a remarkable transformation in their manufacturing processes.

Upgrade from AGV systems

Some time ago SKF implemented several systems, including a pallet conveyor system which replaced an AGV they previously used. This has contributed significantly to the success of SKF as the AGV they were using was not performing well.

Alain Boutet, Manufacturing Process Manager at SKF, highlights the shortcomings of the AGV system, emphasizing issues with pallet positioning, quality, and safety.

“The AGV often placed pallets incorrectly, leading to safety concerns and operational inefficiencies,” he explains. “We needed a solution that could address these challenges and propel us towards success.”

Transitioning to Nord Modules’ solution alongside MiR robots has significantly contributed to their success.

Operating seamlessly from 6 am to 10 pm every week, the MiR and Nord Modules solution at SKF has demonstrated unparalleled reliability and performance. Over the past year, SKF has successfully managed an impressive 70,000 pallets without experiencing any downtime, setting a new standard for operational efficiency in the industry.

Why Nord Modules? Why MiR?

Boutet emphasizes three key factors that drove SKF’s decision to partner with Nord Modules and MiR:

“There are three main points for this. The first is a safety aspect. We have significantly reduced the risks of pedestrian cart interaction that they had in the past, whether in manual mode or with AGVs, which weren’t always well secured.

The second point is productivity. We now have almost 100% of our pallets, of all models, processed using these MiR/Nord Modules systems.

The third point is equipment reliability, which ensures that 100% of their pallets are properly positioned on our strapping units.”

Nicolas Bouhet, General Manager of HMI-MBS, Nord Modules’ local partner in France who oversaw the finalization of the solution, offers insights into the decision-making process.

“Nord Modules’ commitment to understanding the market’s needs and designing tailored solutions sets them apart,” he affirms. “For this application, Nord Modules helped us to choose the right product to be sure that the application will work perfectly for the customer. This exemplifies a dedication to ensure the seamless integration and unparalleled performance of their products.”

As we reflect on SKF’s success story, we’re reminded of the transformative impact that innovative solutions can have on manufacturing processes. At Nord Modules, we’re committed to driving continuous improvement and empowering our customers to achieve their goals. Together with MiR robots, we look forward to shaping the future of manufacturing, one success story at a time.

Mayuran Ponnampalam

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