Max Payload

Pallet Rack – OMRON

Product Name:
BR-393-EU-OMRON-HD-01 | BR-393-US-OMRON-HD-01

Nord Modules compatibility:

EU-version: 1300 mm | 51.2″
US-version: 1300 mm | 52.2″

Width (Mounted):
EU-version: 1645 mm | 64.8″
US-version: 1861 mm | 73.3″

Height, total:
EU-version: 440 mm | 17.3”
US-version: 532 mm | 20.9″

Height from floor to underside of pallet:
EU-version: 393 mm | 15.5″
US-version: 485 mm | 17.3″

Pallet Dimensions:
EU: EPAL 800 mm x 1200 mm | 31.5 x 47.24 in
US: 1016 x 1219 mm | 40 x 48 in

176.6 kg | 389.2 lbs


The Pallet Rack for Omron can hold pallets with a total weight of up to 1400 kg (3086 lbs) and comes in versions for EU-size pallets, and versions for US-size pallets.

The NORD Pallet Lifts mounted on an Omron AMR can dock in the Pallet Rack to receive or deliver a pallet.

The Pallet Rack is easy to mount and setup – simply measure the correct distance between the two parts and bolt the rack to the floor. It has a unique centering mechanism that makes sure the pallets gets centered every time.


Your key benefits:

  • Simple and fast assembly process - providing a complete solution in combination with the Nord Modules EU & US Pallet lift.
  • Small footprint - make the most out of your valuable floor space
  • Can handle payloads up to 1400 kg
  • Comes in two versions - one for EU-size pallets and one for US-size pallets
  • Unique centering mechanism

Compatible with…

Robot compatibility


Omron HD-1500