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OMRON is a multinational company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of automation and healthcare products. The company was founded in 1933 and is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.

OMRON offers a wide range of products and solutions across different industries, including industrial automation, electronic components, automotive electronics, and healthcare. Their autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions offer advanced automation for tasks such as material handling, assembly, and packaging. These robots are equipped with cutting-edge sensors and intelligent algorithms that enable them to operate safely alongside human workers and adapt to dynamic environments.

OMRON’s motion control systems provide precise control over motors, servos, and other motion-related equipment, allowing manufacturers to achieve optimal performance and accuracy in their production processes. Additionally, their sensing technologies enable real-time data collection and analysis, facilitating predictive maintenance and enhancing overall equipment effectiveness.

OMRON is committed to sustainability and social responsibility. The company aims to contribute to a better society by creating innovative products that address global challenges such as energy conservation, environmental protection, and healthcare accessibility.

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