Max Payload

Pallet Rack MD – OMRON

Nord Modules compatibility:
PL-EU Omron MD, PL-US Omron MD, PM800 Omron MD, PM1000 Omron MD

1200 mm | 47.2”

Width (Mounted):
1277 mm | 50.3″

Height, total:
521 mm | 20.5”

Height from floor to underside of pallet:
452 mm | 17.8″

176.6 kg | 389.2 lbs

Maximum payload:
800 kg | 1763.7 lbs


The Pallet Rack MD for Omron can hold pallets with a total weight of up to 800 kg (1763.7 lbs) and is compatible with all autonomous mobile robots in Omron’s MD series.

The NORD Pallet Lifts mounted on an Omron AMR can dock in the Pallet Rack to receive or deliver a pallet.

The Pallet Rack MD is easy to mount and setup – simply measure the correct distance between the two parts and bolt the rack to the floor. It has a unique centering mechanism that makes sure the pallets gets centered every time.


Your key benefits:

  • Simple and fast assembly process - providing a complete solution in combination with the Nord Modules Pallet Lifts and Pallet Movers.
  • Small footprint - make the most out of your valuable floor space.
  • Can handle payloads up to 800 kg or 1763.7 lbs.
  • One version for all pallet dimensions - EU-size pallets and for US-size pallets.
  • Unique centering mechanism.
Dimensions of Pallet Rack MD for Omron AMRs

Robot compatibility

Omron MD series AMR

Omron MD-650

Omron MD series AMR

Omron MD-900