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The OMRON MD-650

Omron MD-650

Max Speed

1.8 m/s

Run Time

7.5 hours


900 kg


944 mm x 1194 mm x 320 mm

The Omron MD-900, with its 900 kg payload capacity, fills a vital mid-weight range in OMRON’s diverse mobile robot lineup. Its innovative control technology ensures secure and seamless transport, making it a valuable addition to production sites where humans and machines share the workspace.

Boasting a proven track record with thousands of units deployed globally, the MD-900 excels in navigating narrow aisles thanks to its maximum speed of 1.8 m/sec, advanced navigation capabilities, and obstacle avoidance algorithms.

The MD-900 also takes advantage of OMRON’s proven technology, featuring improved sensors, route planning, object avoidance, and a battery that charges in just 30 minutes. Its sturdy metal skins withstand heavier impacts and more demanding tasks, making it a reliable and durable solution for any industrial application.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount, and the MD-900 excels in this aspect, offering a cutting-edge standard for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). With its advanced safety features, including 360° safety lasers, emergency stops, and audio-visual warnings, the MD-900 not only detects obstacles and prevents collisions but also provides peace of mind in dynamic working environments.

The MD-900 also integrates advanced LiDAR systems and dual-zone sets to adapt safety parameters, ensuring the utmost safety while handling variable payloads and achieving full reverse navigation in narrow spaces, ultimately optimizing cycle times and throughput.

Omron MD900 safety features

Technology Features

The Cell Alignment Positioning System utilizes markers to enhance the precision of robot alignment at specified goals, resulting in improved drop-offs and pick-ups.

With the OMRON Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW) solution, you gain access to an intelligent fleet management system that oversees mobile robot locations, traffic flow, and job requests, optimizing your factory’s efficiency. Supported by the Fleet Manager, it seamlessly coordinates mobile robots, offering traceability, job allocation, and traffic control across the entire fleet. Additionally, the Omron Fleet Analytics Engine stores fleet data, enabling you to replay fleet activities for comprehensive insights.