Dock Target – OMRON

Product Name:

Nord Modules compatibility:
Pallet Mover 1000, Pallet Mover 800

257 mm | 10.1″

712 mm | 28″

358 mm | 14.1″ (possible extension up to 558 mm | 21.9″)

Height from floor to center of sensors:
332.5 mm | 13.8″ (possible extension up to 532.5 mm | 20.9″)

17.8 kg | 39.2 lbs

RAL 7035


The Dock Target from Nord Modules works with the Nord Modules Pallet Mover and allows for docking of the AMR and safe loading/unloading of pallets to and from an existing conveyor line.

The Dock Target is installed at the end of a conveyor line and is adjustable in height. The Dock Target communicates wirelessly with the Pallet Mover to ensure safe loading or unloading of pallets between the conveyor and the Pallet Mover.

Your key benefits:

  • Simple and fast assembly process - providing a complete solution in combination with the Nord Modules Pallet Mover.
  • Can be installed at the end of your existing conveyor solution
  • Adjustable height

Robot compatibility


Omron HD-1500

Omron MD series AMR

Omron MD-650

Omron MD series AMR

Omron MD-900