Handling capacity


Robot compatibility: 
Omron LD250

Nord Modules compatibility:
Gates, Shelf Cart, Cobot Tower

Dimensions (LWH):
944 x 691 x 170 mm | 37.15 x 27.2 x 6.7

Handling capacity:
180 kg | 397 lbs

Lifting capacity:
60mm | 2.3”

Center distance between slats:
140 mm | 5.5”

Transport area:
944 x 691 mm | 37.15 x 27.2″

35 kg


The Quick Mover is capable of transporting goods as well as picking up and delivering the Shelf Cart SC200. The top module is mounted on top of the LD250 and functions by a lifting mechanism integrated into the module.

Your key benefits:

  • Simple set up and installation – can be up and running within a few hours, thereby providing a complete and flexible solution with the gate modules and carts.
  • Flexible standard product designed to simply adjust to specialized work processes which form efficient automation of internal transportation.
  • Reliable and cost-efficient – The Quick Mover reduces costs and increases productivity.
Features available for the QM 200

Robot compatibility


Omron LD-250