Max Payload

Shelf Cart 200-588 – OMRON

Robot compatibility: 
Omron LD-250

Nord Modules compatibility:

Dimensions (LWH):
994 x 615 x 696 mm | 39.1 x 24.2 x 27.4 in

Handling capacity:
500 kg

Max payload on shelf:
40 kg UDL (Uniform Distributed Load)

Cart Kit:
4 x shelfs, 4 x long shelf pillars, and 4 short shelf pillars


What is a Shelf Cart?

It’s a rack on wheels interacting and moved by AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) like Omron.

  1. Deliver/pick up goods from gates
  2. Ensure accurate and easy delivery
  3. Handle all different kinds of goods
  4. Transport goods from A to B
  5. Can be expanded by a Cart Kit

How users can benefit

  • Automated move of goods with an Omron AMR
  • Use standard ISO size trolley components
  • Assembled at customer site makes delivery costs low
  • Space of trolleys can be reduced when not in use / by return transport
  • Shelves supports ISO modular (E.g. 200 x 200 mm/ 400 x 600 mm /600 x 800mm)
  • Save manual handling, stock- and transport costs
  • Reduce noise from wheels with a special surface
  • Designed for flexible heights and setting intervals (numbers) of shelves
  • Designed for automation, AI, IOT, AMR and driverless trucks
  • Better exposure / access to goods with sloped shelves
  • Improves logistic processes by use of RFID-tags, GRAI- and BAR-codes
  • It saves labor costs and enhances the efficiency and the working environment
  • Improves functionalities and logistics at all B2B companies
  • The unique system for mounting the shelves is patented

Robot compatibility


Omron LD-250