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The OMRON LD-250


Max Speed

1.2 m/s

Run Time

13 hours


250 kg


718 mm x 969 mm x 383 mm

The OMRON LD-250 is a robust and reliable mobile robot designed to transport payloads up to 250 kg. It is based on the same proven technology as the industry-leading LD-90, ensuring high performance and durability. Customers can also upgrade to the Cart Transporter version to double the payload capacity up to 500 kg, which results in greater efficiency and fewer trips.

The LD-250 is easy to set up and requires minimal programming, allowing customers to get the solution up and running quickly. Its software can also integrate with other systems, making it even easier to use. Additionally, after a short tour through the facility, the robot can make a custom map of the floor plan and set up goals for pick-ups and drop-offs, making operation even easier.

The LD-250 is an excellent solution for companies looking to optimize their materials handling processes. Its rugged design, high payload capacity, and ease of use make it an ideal choice for industrial manufacturing and warehouse environments.

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