Understanding Top Modules: A Comprehensive Look at Autonomous Mobile Robot Toppers

It is safe to say that Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) have forever changed the way material handling and warehouse automation works. The list of benefits they offer is endless, but an AMR alone is not a complete solution. Much like a car needs wheels, an AMR needs a top module, or topper, to reach its full potential. To put it plainly, top modules are attachments put on top of an AMR to expand its functionality.

However, choosing the right top module solution is where things get a bit tricky. From a whole sea of possibilities, how is one supposed to know what to choose? Do not fear, we’re here to break down all the different top module solutions we offer, so you can find the perfect match for your needs.

Nord Modules Team

First things first, let us introduce ourselves.

Welcome to Nord Modules, where we specialize in creating innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of your autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Our top modules are designed to integrate seamlessly with your AMRs, making your warehouse operations smoother and more efficient.

We have four different categories of toppers: Lift Modules, Conveyor Modules, Station Modules, and Accessories.

1. Lift Modules

Our Lift Modules are like the muscle of your AMR fleet. Think of them as the roof racks for your robots, but way cooler and more versatile. These lifting mechanisms can lift, lower, pick up, and deliver products from one point to another.

  • NORD Quick Movers: This module is designed for lighter loads, handling payloads up to 220 kg. It’s ideal for quick and efficient transportation of smaller items, making it perfect for industries where speed and agility are crucial.
  • NORD Pallet Lifts: For heavier loads, Pallet Lifts are capable of managing weights up to 1500 kg. These robust modules are essential for moving large pallets and heavy goods, ensuring that even the most substantial items are transported safely and efficiently.

The Lift Modules can lift, lower, pick up, and deliver products, making them a versatile choice for a variety of applications, from retail to manufacturing.

2. Conveyor Modules

Next up, we have our Conveyor Modules. These roller tops are designed to seamlessly transfer loads onto an AMR from a classic conveyor belt. They make the transition from a stationary conveyor to a mobile robot smooth and efficient.

  • NORD Pallet Movers: These modules can handle weights up to 1650 kg, facilitating the easy transfer of loads from stationary conveyor belts to mobile robots. This capability significantly reduces the need for manual handling and enhances the efficiency of material transport.

By incorporating Conveyor Modules, businesses can streamline their operations, reduce labor costs, and increase throughput.

3. Station Modules

Station Modules are like the pit stops in your warehouse operation. They don’t move around, but they play a crucial role in the flow of goods. These are designed to receive, hold, or deliver products from one AMR to another.

  • NORD Gates: These are used to securely receive and hold items until an AMR is ready to pick them up. This functionality is vital for maintaining an organized workflow and ensuring that goods are always in the right place at the right time.
  • NORD Pallet Racks: Ideal for storing pallets off the ground or off an AMR, making it easy for a Lift Module to come and collect them.

Station Modules provide the backbone for a well-organized warehouse, ensuring that all items are accessible and ready for transport when needed.

4. Accessories

Lastly, we have our Accessories, which are designed to expand the capabilities of our other top modules.

  • NORD Shelf Carts: This is a wheeled rack that can be pushed around by an AMR, adding another layer of flexibility to your operations. It’s perfect for moving items that need to stay on a shelf but also need to be mobile.
  • NORD Dock Targets: The Dock Target works works in conjunction with the Pallet Movers to allow safe docking and efficient loading and unloading of goods to and from an existing conveyor line.

Accessories like the Shelf Cart and Dock Target ensure that your top modules can meet the specific demands of your business, providing tailored solutions for unique challenges.

At Nord Modules, we’re all about making your warehouse operations more efficient and flexible. Whether you need to lift, convey, station, or accessorize, we have the right top module for you. Reach out to our friendly team, and we’ll guide you to the best solution for your needs!

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