Unleash AMR Potential with Lift Solutions: The Essential Upgrade You Need

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, optimizing logistics processes is essential to stay ahead. That’s where Nord Modules’ lift solutions come in. Our cutting-edge technology allows for efficient and seamless lifting, lowering, picking up, and delivering of products, revolutionizing the way goods are transported within your facility. In this article, we explain exactly what lift modules are and how you can benefit from them.

What are lift solutions for AMRs?

Lifting solutions or lift modules for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are essential components designed to enhance the capabilities and versatility of these robotic systems in logistics and industrial settings. They can lift, lower, pick up, and deliver products with precision and ease which adds an additional level of functionality to the AMR.

When an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) equipped with a lifting solution arrives at a docking station, the advanced lifting mechanism enables effortless loading and unloading of goods, streamlining the transfer process to various destinations, such as assembly lines or storage areas. This integration eliminates manual handling, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring a smooth flow of operations.

Why are lift solutions essential to enhance logistics?

1. Enhanced Efficiency

Lift solutions empower AMRs to autonomously handle the vertical movement of goods, eliminating the need for manual labor and streamlining operations. This increased efficiency translates into faster and more accurate handling of materials, reducing overall processing time and increasing productivity.

2. Seamless Integration

Lift solutions seamlessly connect with AMRs and other products, enabling smooth integration within existing workflows and systems. They can interface with docking stations, assembly lines, or storage areas, facilitating effortless loading and unloading of goods at the desired locations.

3. Flexibility and Adaptability

By incorporating lift solutions, AMRs gain the ability to handle a wide range of products with different sizes, shapes, and weights. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt their operations to changing demands and optimize the use of available resources.

4. Cost Savings

The utilization of lift solutions reduces reliance on manual labor, minimizing labor costs associated with material handling tasks. Additionally, the increased speed and accuracy provided by AMRs equipped with lift modules contribute to overall cost savings through improved operational efficiency.

5. Scalability and Long-term Viability

As your business grows or your requirements change, lift solutions can easily be integrated or upgraded to meet evolving needs, ensuring your investment remains valuable in the long run.

2 examples of lift solutions - Pallet lift solution for OMRON (on the left), and Quick Mover for the MiR250 (on the right)
Nord Modules lift solutions

Nord Modules offers two distinct solutions for lifting: Pallet Lifts and Quick Movers, each catering to different logistical needs.

Pallet Lift solution

Nord Modules’ Pallet Lifts enable AMRs to lift pallets autonomously from the Pallet rack and lower the pallets for stable transportation of heavy payloads. They are available in two options: for US-sized pallets and for EU-sized pallets.

Not only can our Pallet Lifts handle payloads of up to 1500 kg, but they can also handle uneven weight distribution. These top modules are incredibly easy to mount on autonomous mobile robots – by removing 4×4 screws you get access to 4 mounting points on the AMR. They are equipped with stack light that gives feedback on the process status, service needs, and errors in the top module. Furthermore, the solution is capable of sending essential information such as total lift counts and error codes to the AMR.

Pallet Lift EU for the OMRON HD-1500 AMR

Quick Mover solution

The Quick Mover lifting solution is a versatile top module that can perform multiple job types and integrate two different docking systems: the NORD Gates and the NORD Shelf Cart.

The Quick Mover can transfer various types of goods, such as boxes, crates, half pallets, and even full-size EU pallets on the Shelf Cart.

It is a powerful two-in-one system that can boost productivity on your warehouse or factory floor. It seamlessly switches between docking in the gates and transporting the shelf cart, and takes up minimal floor space.

The Quick Mover is availble for all the smaller AMRs from the brands we support.

Quick Mover 220 for the MiR250

Lift modules for autonomous mobile robots enhance efficiency, improve safety, and provide flexibility in handling various goods. Incorporating these modules into your logistics operations will help you optimize processes, increase productivity, and stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape.

Nord Modules takes pride in delivering innovative and reliable solutions that enhance operational efficiency and safety. Our lift modules are designed with advanced safety features and emergency stop buttons to ensure the well-being of your personnel and maintain a secure working environment. By prioritizing safety, we provide you with peace of mind while optimizing your logistics processes.

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